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SchoolHandle Suite

Better education for a better tomorrow!

Streamline your school workflow, access your student information from anywhere and provide a learning experience that extends beyond the walls of the classroom.
Discover the advantages of SchoolHandle Suite

SchoolHandle Manager

Student Information System
Consolidate your data in one place, and make it a snap to access and share information with staff, parents and students. Manager does the filing for you!
School Database Solution
  • Improve Communication
  • Manage Your School and Student Information
  • Automate Report Cards
  • Track Attendance

SchoolHandle Planner

Automated Timetabling
Timetabling Solution
Input your school information, and Planner does the rest. Share it with everyone at the click of a button, giving your teachers and students a copy of their school schedule.
  • Automatic or Manual Solving
  • Individual Student & Teacher Timetable
  • Teacher Replacement Timetable
  • Share Timetables Online

SchoolHandle Educator

Learning Management System
Plan your lessons from anywhere and allow access to your students from outside the walls of your classroom. Keep up to date with your students on an individual basis without sacrificing valuable classroom time.
Organising Solution
  • Manage your Lesson Plans and Content
  • Track Student Learning
  • Homework, Tests and Projects Submission
  • Access a Wide Range of Online Resources